Android fans increase in number

IOS vs Android and good set of optionsiOS vs Android and Good set of options

Looks like the android fans club is multiplying. Not just average Joe(s) and developers, its pretty much all over the place. Influential people like Guy Kawasaki, who could be treated as the inventor of Apple Evangelism has now migrated to Android. Reason “Standards”. Today pretty much every one uses a Micro USB connector and and you can find one your hotel lobby? But why should Guy Kawasaki go looking for one? Easy, it did make it to the packing list but not to the travel bag. Are you going to by a charger / Cable every time you forget it ? Surely not.

Mathew Ingram: He decided to leave it for the lack of forced notifications and the ease of dismissing all with a “clear all” option. To him it was like a “endless game of whack-the-mole”. Imagine this, pretty much every app has a notification and you are expected to clear each individually. Read more here

Robert Scooble another influential figures says that he is Getting ready to switch to Android here.

That said even with the 4G Battery life issue reported, we think is a pretty good operating system.

Let me know what you think.



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